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Business Excellence Elites Club: Ultimate Solution to Business Development through the path of Business Ratings

Despite long history of economic planning in the process of economic development in our country, Iran, unfortunately we have witnessed constant periods of economic recessions and low rates of growth. While, some countries with much less experience in carrying out economic development plans, are showing much further progress in their economic development indices, in some cases they seem to be decades further.
Economic development in the first place is established on the approach and behavior that nation and government take towards the idea of development. If the approach is scientific and fair, it will provide the required grounds for economic development. Economic development requires economic planning.
Planning does not necessarily mean that government dictates plans to private sector, ratifies corresponding regulations and laws. Private sector aims for maximizing return on investment and invests in any activity with a satisfactory estimate of return on investment.
Pre-requirements to economic development is taking a broad and comprehensive outlook on the economic situation. Recognizing competitive advantages of local and international markets and providing required information to private sector on one hand and receiving necessary feedbacks on the other hand, while utilizing its capacities, will mobilize the private sector and foster the growth of this sector. Thus, economic development cannot be actualized without having a safe haven for a progressive, competent and highly-effective private sector.

Beesclub Goals:

1) Identifying, engaging and bringing key business leaders together and providing a direct tribune to share their professional views and insights
2) Playing a key and active role in decision-making in a mutual manner, to help governing bodies in the process of decision-making in both national and international levels
3) Affecting sustainable economic development, regarding matter of improving business environment and promoting private sector both in national and international levels.