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About us

Business Excellence Elites Club; From Idea to Launch
Initial idea of Business Excellence Elites Club ( with the idea of affecting business development in Iran and with an international approach was formed on the grounds of Muslim Excellence and Competitiveness Award in 2006. On the first year of this event in 2007 and the capacity that rose from this opportunity, elites of the businesses came together and the idea turned into reality.
Business Excellence Elites Club (Beesclub) with the idea of turning into a competent and highly-effective group of business elites intends to play an active role in the decision-making of government entities in national and international levels and to form a consulting congregation which provides firm and fair insights from private sector’s point of view to government entities.
Beesclub attempts to recognize business elites who have deeply realized the meaning of development and infuse them in their business activities, along with transparency, each of these business elites have played an active role in fostering economic development. After recognizing these elites, they are invited to come together and discuss various issues in the field of business environment.
The path to recognizing business elites of private sector to become a part of this league requires a rating with a fair and scientific base.
Main question remains as to whether the sole responsibility of rating services is to perform the rating, publish the results and reports in a national level? Or is it to utilize the capacities that rise from the rating process? Since business entities who actively participate in the rating process, put forth all their financial, managerial, legal and social data and information, rating institutions after gathering, analyzing and arranging the data, reach a comprehensive database.

With this prospect, business elites of private sector will attain a role and a tribune to share their views and experiences and get their message across to governing body. These views must come from individuals who apart from professional behavior in their business development have also been given golden and silver ratings according to their professional activities. Now that private sector has presented its capabilities and accomplishments in all economic aspects, the time has come for private sector to play an effective role in enhancing of business environment and fostering business development in Iran which is the main goal of this economic league.